Organic Granola & Just Oats

At Back Roads Granola, we pride ourselves in producing a truly clean product line. We use only non GMO certified organic ingredients, no added sugar, (only Vermont maple syrup & honey), no added salt & no canola oil, (we use sunflower oil). Our Gluten Free products are certified gluten free and we comply with industry standards in our gluten free production.

We begin each weekday with the smell of granola wafting from the bakery on our farm, starting around 7am. The delicious aroma makes it nearly impossible to think of having anything but a bowl of Back Roads Granola with our favorite Greek yogurt and in-season fruits or berries, (think local & organic favorites like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, diced cantelope & apples).

We never travel anywhere without a big bag of Back Roads Granola. We always pack some for the road, to avoid falling victim to eating sugar laden and/or mediocre food that is often available. Note: Don’t leave Back Roads Granola in a hot vehicle ~ it will kill the great flavors.

Back Roads Granola can be found in over 150 locations in 17 states ~ as far south as the Carolinas and west to Indiana. Contact us to find out where you can purchase Back Roads Granola in your area & look for us in your favorite market, on the grocery shelf and in the bulk department.